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  • In Ala starts the first silicone yarn

    2015, December 18

    In Ala starts the first silicone yarn

    The first yarn made of silicone was done in Ala-Italy, developed by the firm Le Mur. The new product, which is defined by company officials as "revolutionary", was presented yesterday, in the presence of Vice-President of the Autonomous Province Alessandro Olivi.

     Article in the  newspaper "Trentino" from 15/12/2015 


  • Silicone

    2015, December 18

    Silicone "yarn " LeMur in Ala " World Premiere"

    LeMur in Ala-Italy has set up the first plant in the world for spinning industrially silicone. The product that is obtained has many applications: resistance to heat and flame, UV rays and humidity.

    Article in the  newspaper "Corriere del Trentino" from 15/12/2015


  • LeMur, the future of textile passes through Ala

    2015, December 16

    LeMur, the future of textile passes through Ala

    The company is the only one to be able to spinn silicone yarn thanks to an international Patent.


    News paper articol "Adige" 15.12.2015

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