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  • Techtextil 2015

    2015, May 13

    Techtextil 2015

    Dear visitors,

    with success we have participated at the latest Techtextil 2015 in Frankfurt. We would like to thank all visitors for your participation and we hope to see you soon or latest at the next Techtextil in 2017.

    LeMur Spa


  • Solidea – muriel ®-grip

    2015, May 13

    Solidea – muriel ®-grip

    During the recent COSMOFARMA 2015 exhibition  in Bologna Solidea has presented its complete range of article produced with muriel ®-grip to avoid the slipping of the stockings. The first product Solidea has presented was a night stay-up “night wellness” during the  autumn fashion week in Milan in 2014 and already distributed with success.



  • B UP filo che solleva ( Elasticum - muriel-med)

    2015, May 11

    B UP filo che solleva ( Elasticum - muriel-med)

    Sollevamento e aumento dei Glutei con Fili di Sospensione + Riempimento con Lipofilling: un’accoppiata vincente!!!

    Un lato B da sogno? Il sogno diventa realtà!




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2019, May 22

Da una rivoluzionaria ricerca tecnologica nasce muriel il super filo a base siliconica per molteplici settori industriale

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