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A new generation spandex with innovative properties compared with the basic spandex currently available on the market. Its particular properties are maintaining the elasticity at high and low temperatures, UV, X and gamma ray resistant, completely biocompatible and has an electrical resistivity that varies according to its elongation.

A wide range of high quality stretch yarn products is provided to meet all market needs and can be created according to the customers specifications. The company uses state-of-the-art machinery for the production of single and double covered yarns, and air-jet covering machines for the manufacture of air-jet yarns.



The company started as Alafil S.p.A. in 1997, having been established in Ala near Trento by an entrepreneur originally from Italy's Lombardy region. The factory was equipped with the most modern technologies for the manufacture of covering yarns.

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2015, December 18

LeMur in Ala-Italy has set up the first plant in the world for spinning industrially silicone. The product that is obtained has many applications: resistance to heat and flame, UV rays and humidity.

Article in the  newspaper "Corriere del Trentino" from 15/12/2015


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