Euroform Srl visits LeMur Srl

Euroform Srl visits LeMur Srl

Euroform Srl visits LeMur Srl

13 June 2024

On Friday, 31 May 2024, LeMur Srl had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Prof. Ornella Boldrini, accompanied by 5 guests with disabilities. The visit was organised within the framework of the training project organised by EuroForm Srl, aiming at the employment integration of disadvantaged people according to the Operational Programme ESF 2014-2020 “social inclusion and fight against poverty”.


During the visit, CEO Mario Dorighelli and Director Thomas Klotz presented the Company reality of LeMur Srl and guided the guests through the Company’s production areas.


All participants wanted to personally express their thanks to LeMur Srl:


“We had an exciting experience during our visit by LeMur!!! We were welcomed with great warmth and exquisite helpfulness, and went on a journey through visions, insights, assiduous research, and experimentation combined with a highly organised and efficient production, with scrupulous quality control carried out at the various production stages. The video projection, combined with the explanations and reception of our questions, into the world of the various applications of the products made in the company with such passion and continuous research was wonderful!”



“When scientific research stimulates technological progress, even challenges that seem humanly impossible become feasible. Through very thin silicon threads flows the great innovative stream of Le Mur, capable of imagining a safer and better performing future. Many thanks for the welcome.”



“Being close to people who have built a great dream, gives us the strength to believe that everyone can realise themselves.”



“It was a pleasure to visit your Company, I was very impressed by the approach of innovation and experimentation. The idea of using yarns for food use that do not contaminate food is something that impressed me. Also being able to create a technical fabric but at the same time to make it elastic can really help to be more agile to be able to rescue people for firefighters.”



“Dear managers of Lemur, we are writing these few words to thank you for your help and honesty for having introduced us to the world of silicone yarns, having made us understand that big companies can develop from small things, all it takes is a big heart. Thank you for your welcome and we hope to see you soon.”