Research & Development

We always look forward to the future, creating new possibilities and opportunities on the market.

Thus our new yarn offers our customers a competitive edge.

We open up new opportunities together!

Ongoing product research and development of innovative solutions underlie our corporate philosophy. LeMur has always invested important human and financial resources in research and development. The LeMur research centre is where the world’s finest silicone yarn, offering multiple benefits, was created: Muriel.

Custom products and teamwork

LeMur’s research centre talks to our customers’ R&D offices every day, developing custom products responding to specific needs in a variety of sectors. We combine science with experience to open up new paths in development of new materials and integration of these into our customers’ products.


Muriel logo rinforzato

Muriel is a one-of-a-kind silicone yarn offering incredible mechanical, chemical and physical properties. Customise it to suit your needs.

LeMur Moda

Single- and double-covered elastic yarn for fashion and apparel. With 24,000 spindles and a smart approach to manufacturing, we guarantee great flexibility and productivity.