LeMur, sustainability in our DNA

LeMur, sustainability in our DNA

LeMur, sustainability in our DNA

12 June 2023

“The vocation for sustainability as a good daily practice belongs to LeMur’s DNA from the very beginning of its activity, with an approach that embraces both daily behaviour and long-term strategies, in consideration of the peculiarities of the production structure”.


CEO Mario Dorighelli and General Manager of LeMur Thomas Klotz, interviewed by Silvia Bruno, head of the Communication Area of Confindustria Trento, for the Piccola Industria Confindustria magazine ‘L’Imprenditore’, illustrate the solutions adopted to reduce consumption and therefore also energy costs, starting with the installation of high-efficiency motors and the network connection of the machines, which allows the monitoring and processing of consumption to optimise production cycles. In winter, the heat produced by the machines is used to heat the plant. To reduce the waste of water, mechanical drain valves have been discontinued in favour of electric floats that regulate the level of the humidification tanks. The lights on the machines are individually and automatically controlled and equipped with the latest LED technology. LeMur has also decided to limit the use of disposable cardboard tubes and, for the Italian market, has decided to use reusable ABS polymer tubes.


The energy required for production is derived 100 per cent from renewable sources. “For years,’ explains Thomas Klotz, ‘we have been using hydroelectric power, which is already green energy. Now we have installed a 900 kilowatt photovoltaic system with a production capacity of one gigawatt per year’.


LeMur also pays the same attention to small things: the water and coffee dispensers are plastic free and employees have been given mugs and water bottles.


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