Interview with easyengineering.eu

Interview with easyengineering.eu

Interview with easyengineering.eu

16 January 2023

In a recent interview with Easy Engeneering Magazine from January 4th 2023, General Manager of LeMur Srl Thomas Klotz introduces the Company and its traditional business and talks about muriel® silicone yarn, illustrating the articles already available on an industrial scale and the new technologies that make it possible to manufacture futuristic products such as muriel-hybrid®, the silicone yarn that takes advantage of a coextrusion system to combine two different materials into a functional product, and muriel-MF®, the elastic silicone yarn with ferromagnetic properties.


Indeed, positive market trends in recent years have made it possible to invest in new technologies and innovative materials, with a focus on sustainability and energy optimization. Thanks also to these investments, LeMur Srl confirms its commitment to guarantee the quality of its products and the production capacity necessary to meet the ever-increasing requests for collaboration from all over the world.


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